About Our School


Freedom Intermediate School, originally named Franklin Junior High School, was built in 1972, educated students in grades seven through nine. In 1994, two years after Freedom Middle School was built down the street to accommodate students in grades seven and eight, the building was renamed Freedom Intermediate School and has been serving students in grades five and six ever since.

Belief Statements

Freedom Intermediate School, believing in shared responsibility among home, school, and community, is committed to providing a safe, fair, and flexible environment where children will grow in intellectual curiosity and independent thinking. Freedom Intermediate School is a collaborative community fostering diverse and passionate learners. We believe:

  • all children can be successful learners.
  • every community member shares in the responsibility of educating our children.
  • a variety of instructional and assessment methods must be incorporated in order to address the different learning styles of our children.
  • our goal is to help our children become productive citizens in the global workplace.
  • the unique intellect of every individual should be challenged.
  • parents must be engaged in the preparation and implementation of the education of their children.
  • children engaged in challenging fine-arts curricula and dynamic physical education programs are more well-rounded.

Brag Sheet

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