Board Approves Goals Required for Funding Formula (TISA)

Board Approves Goals Required for Funding Formula (TISA)

The Franklin Special School District Board of Education, on November 13, approved the district goals that were set based on stakeholder feedback as part of the state funding formula requirements. Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) public school funding formula marks a significant change in how Tennessee invests in public education. As part of TISA, each school district must submit an annual accountability report to the Tennessee Department of Education, including goals for student achievement, budgetary plans, proposed actions to meet the goals, as well as a public review process. 

First page of the PDF file: FSSDTISAAccountabilityGoals2023

The district plans to meet these four goals through the following actions:

  • Ongoing, personalized professional learning for school and district administrators and teachers with a focus on high-quality instructional materials, which includes analysis of and discussion around current research.
  • Implementing effective standards-aligned Tier I instruction, which is provided to all students and includes research-based, on-grade-level instructional materials and strategies.
  • Continuing to increase and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities for students (for example, a new Introduction to Aerospace course for eighth-grade students in 2024-2025 and the high-quality STEM classes offered at the intermediate/middle school levels).
  • Focusing district-wide work and professional learning around the enhancement of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), a collaborative approach designed to achieve the best academic results for every student.
  • Supporting school literacy teams.
  • Supporting, planning, and instruction for students with characteristics of dyslexia.

The full report is available here.