Three FSSD Schools Receive Reward School Designation

Three FSSD Schools Receive Reward School Designation

With the release of accountability data for the 2021-22 school year, the Franklin Special School District is proud to announce that the following schools received Reward School status from the Tennessee Department of Education:

    •    Franklin Elementary

    •    Moore Elementary

    •    Poplar Grove Elementary

“We are proud to have these schools achieve the Reward designation,” said Director of Schools Dr. David Snowden. “It is no small feat to demonstrate the levels of achievement, attendance, and growth that this designation carries with it.”

All three of these schools are repeat awardees – Franklin Elementary, Moore Elementary, and Poplar Grove Elementary were recognized as Reward Schools in 2021.

In order to receive the Reward School distinction, schools must earn at least a 3.1 overall score on the 4-point scale for accountability. The overall score is calculated based on a school’s results from student achievement, growth, chronic absenteeism, and ELPA (English Language Proficiency Assessment) growth. These three FSSD schools earned the marks necessary in all four areas and have been honored as Reward Schools. 

At the district accountability level, the FSSD received the Advancing designation (the second highest level). Similar to the school formula, district accountability is calculated based on the four areas of student achievement:  growth, chronic absenteeism, and ELPA (English Language Proficiency Assessment) growth.

“As director of schools, I see the incredible work of our students, teachers, support staff and administrators every day. While designations are great motivation, and are a source of pride for the schools that receive them, they do not capture the entire story of our district,” Snowden said. “This year, all of our schools achieved at levels far above the state as a whole, a trend that has been in place for many years.  Every FSSD school is performing at high levels and every school also has room for improvement.”

He added that test data - from the state as well as from the benchmark testing the district does on its own, provides valuable data to inform district and school practices.  “Every year, we begin with the challenging work of identifying the areas we need to bolster as well as focusing on ensuring our students are provided with the highest quality resources and effective instructional practices.”