September Bulldog Bulletin




A Message from Dr. Hoag’s Desk:

The beginning of a new school year always brings a flurry of excitement!  Making new friends, seeing old friends, finding out who your teachers (or students) are, and so much more!  I’d like to share two pieces of the new school year that have me especially excited for how they will benefit students.  The first is “Start with S.E.L.”  We are taking more time during homeroom every day to make sure we build connections among students as well as between students and teachers.  Our Social Emotional Learning committee has created daily prompts to engage homerooms in fun discussions and activities that promote the skills and attitudes required to understand one’s own and others’ feelings, build healthy social relationships, and make responsible choices.  It is exciting to hear students discuss what Olympic Sport they would choose to win a gold medal in and why, and it is absolutely heartwarming to read some of the cards from “Fill Up Friday” when students write thank you notes to people who have had a positive impact on them.


The second piece of the school year I’m excited to witness is “ReFresh Fridays.” This is an opportunity for students to receive help from a teacher on any missing graded assignments they may have.  Beginning Friday, September 7th, any student who has a missing graded assignment will go to the cafeteria during Academic Focus where grade-level teachers from every subject will be available to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, and make sure students use the time in a productive manner.  Students who have been absent will have the same number of days they were out to make up work before they need to go to a “ReFresh Friday.”  This opportunity to make sure work gets done and that support to get it done correctly is available will be a great benefit to our students, especially as they are still learning the impact one missing assignment can have on their overall grade.





7 Bulldog Bash


14 Fall Fundraiser Kick-off


18 First Fundraiser



28     Final






1-2  Parent-Teacher Conferences



Bulldog Bash – Be sure you plan to attend THE Social Event of the Year, the Bulldog Bash!  Feed your whole family for only $5, mingle with teachers, admin, and other families, and let your kids play, dance, and hang out!  Friday, September 14th, from 5 – 7 pm on Fred Lane Field!  Bring extra cash for Sno Cones from Bulldog Council and the Bake Sale from the PTO Hospitality Committee.


Guidance – There is a monthly School Counselor newsletter as well as a Middle Years information letter on the FIS website.  Look under the parents and students tab, and the first item will be counseling.  Click there for information about counseling lessons for the month, resources, and any other information pertinent to counseling here at Freedom Intermediate.  Also, if any student is in need of a bereavement/grief group, one can be offered this semester.  It takes three students to create a group, and those meet during Academic Focus time for six weeks.  If your child has lost someone significant and would benefit from a small group, please contact the school counselor, Kecia Pizzillo, for more information.

Yearbooks – Yearbooks are available for sale. The price is $30 and will go up to $35 on November 17. You can purchase a yearbook online at or by turning in cash or check along with the yearbook order form (in today’s folder) to your homeroom teacher.


Reminders from front office – Please notify the front office of dismissal changes for your child by 1:30.  Every dismissal change is communicated from the office to teachers. Notifying the office by 1:30 provides time for all changes to be received by teachers.



Welcome Back to School!

You may notice an increased emphasis in Franklin Special Schools on student attendance. It’s a pretty simple idea, when students have good attendance, they do better in school. Good attendance is missing not more than one day of school a month, whether excused or unexcused.

Did you know?

·       Starting in kindergarten, excessive absences can cause children to fall behind in learning necessary skills

·       Missing a day or two every few weeks creates challenges for children in learning and progress

·       Being routinely late to school can negatively impact a child’s day of learning



This year, all schools must follow a new law that requires school personnel to intervene with services for students who have five or more unexcused absences. Parents of students who acquire unexcused absences will be contacted about this as the year unfolds, as many of the interventions require parent or guardian compliance as well. (Senate Bill 196 and TCA 49-6-3007)




Chronic absenteeism refers to unexcused and excused absences. Research shows that POOR ATTENDANCE is directly linked to REDUCED ACADEMIC OUTCOMES for students. In FSSD, attendance is monitored to determine what barriers, if any, are impacting a child’s ability to be in school on time. We want to help eliminate ALL barriers that keep children out of school so our school attendance your child to school, please contact Celby Glass, FSSD Safety and Attendance Supervisor, at 615-472-3117 or by email at


secretaries, principals and/or the district safety and attendance supervisor will contact parents/guardians if absences appear to be leading toward chronic absenteeism. We are bound by state law as well as the Tennessee Department of Education’s reporting standards that use attendance data as an indicator of school quality and student success.

If you would like additional information on any of these attendance matters, or need support in getting

What is Jupiter?


Great question! Well, Jupiter Ed is an online program that FIS uses to log and keep track of our students’ behavior. We use this for two main purposes:

1. To communicate with you, the parents, about how your child is doing at school (we send Good Behavior reports too!)

2. To keep data about our students’ behaviors in order to see if we need to provide more support for students and also where we can improve as a school


When you login to Jupiter, you can set up your preferences how you wish. For example, you can receive texts or emails or both for every log for your student in Jupiter. However you set it up, there will always be the online record for you to access at any time. You can also respond to teachers and staff directly through Jupiter.


If you need any assistance in getting your account set up, please let us know in the office, and we can send home login information to you.


As of August 29th, we already have over 1,000 good behavior reports in Jupiter for the school year! Wow! Way to go, Bulldogs!



FIS Thank You Corner    

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