Learning Packets & Zoom

Below you will find our 5th and 6th Grade Learning Packets. These packets are OPTIONAL and will NOT be taken for a grade. Our teams worked together to create a grade level based packet. If you have any questions regarding the materials in the packet, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher through email. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this process! 

Please click on the photo of the packet that you would like to download. Please note that the Related Arts Packet is for all weeks, 5th Grade packet is separated into week 1 and week 2, and the 6th Grade Packet is divided into 3 sections. The file was large, so we had to create three different sections. Once you print it out, you can divide it into week 1 and week 2.

FSSD students now will have access to Zoom in order to communicate with their teacher. We are excited about this new tool and teachers are already setting up virtual meetings with their students. Please see the following directions in order to login to Zoom. 

Zoom Instructions: English     Spanish


Chromebook Help

If you elected to pick up your child’s Chromebook during our time away, please see the following suggestions for help!

  • Clever Login information: English, Spanish
  • Clever Badge Login: English, Spanish
  • If a student needs their Google password reset, a parent/guardian may email InstructionalTech@fssd.org. The student’s name and grade level will be needed in this communication.
  • If a Chromebook needs to be repaired, a parent/guardian may email their child’s principal and include the student’s name, the Chromebook’s TZ number (located on the metal tag on the front of the device), and explain what is not working properly. That information will be sent to the Technology department, who will then follow up with the parent.