Related Arts

Front: L to R: Angie Tisdale, Madison Land, Candace Adams Middle: Miguel Alvarado, Emily Valadez, Jennifer Henderson,Howard Washington, Carmenza Perez Back: Brett Burgess, Michael Stanley

Madison Land

Jennifer Henderson
Howard Washington

Foreign Language

Carmenza Perez

Dinah Wade

Candace Adams
Michael Stanley

5th/6th Grade Band
Miguel Alvarado

Physical Education & Health
Bret Burgess
Emily Valadez

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Angie Tisdale


front: L to R: Jenni Peterson, Karie Hickman, Shauna Sheehan Middle: Jennifer Parker, Kecia Pizillo, Marie White, Tanya Stanley Back: Caitlin Cox, Dinah Wade, Candy Martorell

English Language Learners (ELL)
Erin Lien

Dr. Candy Jones-Martorell


Guidance & Counseling
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Kecia Pizzillo

Honors Program
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Jenni Peterson

Math Coach
Jennifer Parker

Reading Coach
Tanya Stanley

5th/6th Reading/Math Interventionist
Karie Hickman

Talent Development Program
Jenni Peterson

School Psychologist
Shauna Sheehan